Valery Gerasimov rocket


Gerasimov strictly warned NATO of the military activity of the borders of Russia

Russia warned NATO about the consequences of military activity.

Valery Gerasimov, Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russia, issued a statement in which he warned the North Atlantic Alliance member countries of the serious consequences of military activity near the borders of the Russian Federation. According to Gerasimov, NATO’s attempts to strengthen its position on the Russian borders will lead to the most unpredictable consequences on the part of Russia.

“An important condition for reducing tensions may be the termination of the destabilizing activity of the armed forces of the bloc near the western borders of Russia, the deployment of additional troops and military infrastructure in the Baltic countries, Eastern Europe, and an increase in military presence in the Black Sea”- Gerasimov said.

In fact, any attempts by NATO to increase its influence at the Russian borders will be accompanied by Russian security countermeasures, including through the deployment of additional weapons, including tactical and strategic ones.

A day before, Israeli expert Jacob Kedmi said that the American fleet in the Black Sea would not be able to hold out against Russia even for five minutes.

Of course! Russia is not predictable at all.

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