German Air Force


Germany evacuates its aircraft from Syria, fearing the Russian C-300

The German Air Force will leave the territory of Syria and Iraq.

As follows from the information provided by the Lebanese edition of Al Masdar News, Germany declared its readiness to stop any flights of its air force over the territory of Syria and Iraq, and by November 2019, completely remove its military aircraft from the Middle East. According to experts, this is due to the supply of modern, in comparison with the previously existing, air defense systems, to the Syrian arms, in particular, we are talking about the Russian air defense systems C-300М Favorit.

According to the Lebanese edition of Al Masdar News, referring mainly to the information provided by Reuters experts, there were no reasons for evacuating German planes from the Middle East, which confirms the findings of Russian analysts.

“Today, Syria has the opportunity to destroy any air targets in the sky over the Arab Republic. The 24 Mobile C-300PM air defense launchers are a tremendous power that could easily deprive the United States of all military aviation in the Middle East, and given the ability to track and destroy stealth targets, the airspace over Syria can be considered closed to any country. ”, - the analyst notes.

It should be clarified that the Ministry of Defense of Germany refused to comment on such actions in any way.

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