Germany may transfer Taurus tactical cruise missiles to Ukraine

Germany may transfer Taurus long-range cruise missiles to Ukraine.

After Kiev received a large batch of Storm Shadow tactical cruise missiles from the UK (and the likely supply of similar missiles was also announced in France), it became known that Germany could provide Ukraine with about 100-150 Taurus cruise missiles that are capable of hitting targets at distances up to 480 kilometers, which makes this weapon extremely dangerous.

At the moment, the question remains unknown from which carriers Ukraine will be able to launch such missiles, however, given that the missile is similar to the Storm Shadow missile, the Su-24 front-line bombers in service with Ukraine may be suitable for this.

Among other things, The Drive notes that if Germany approves the supply of missiles, then Spain can also send its missiles to Ukraine, and this could already create an extremely serious threat, especially considering the fact that, according to unofficial Ukrainian sources, The Armed Forces of Ukraine still have 8-10 front-line bombers of this type.



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