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Germany intends to transfer NATO air defense systems IRIS-T to Ukraine

The latest NATO air defense systems can be sent to Ukraine.

German authorities are discussing the possibility of transferring an unnamed number of IRIS-T medium-range air defense systems to Ukraine. The capabilities of the latter are quite limited - their maximum missile launch range is about 40 kilometers. However, these air defense systems are capable of operating at altitudes up to 20 kilometers. At the same time, the complexes use a passive radar, which greatly complicates detection by means of electronic intelligence and does not allow pilots to receive data on their exposure.

“The Federal Security Council is now discussing whether Ukraine will receive a German air defense system! In particular, we are talking about the IRIS-T SLM system with a range of 40 kilometers (height - 20 kilometers). With the help of IRIS-T SLM, you can shoot down combat aircraft, helicopters, cruise missiles, rocket artillery shells, drones, anti-radar missiles and bombs, thereby ensuring airspace security., - reports the German publication "Bild".

According to German journalists, IRIS-T SLM air defense systems are supposed to be sold to Ukraine, while it is noted that we can talk about 10 air defense systems.

“Once the security cabinet approves the delivery, military personnel can begin training on the use of the system in Germany. Ukraine is interested in purchasing a total of ten such systems"- said in the message.

In terms of their capabilities, the IRIS-T SLM systems are compared with fairly modern versions of the Buk air defense system, and today it is these weapons that have proven themselves to the greatest extent during the Russian special operation in Ukraine.


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