German air defense


Germany announced its readiness to supply Ukraine with air defense systems and lethal weapons

Germany announced the start of deliveries of weapons to Ukraine.

The German authorities have officially declared their readiness to provide Ukraine with lethal weapons, air defense systems and artillery ammunition. According to an official statement, Germany will transfer lethal weapons to Ukraine free of charge, and certain funds will be allocated for the purchase of interception equipment and ammunition.

At the moment, it remains unknown the fact of the transfer of which specific lethal weapons in question. However, experts note that there is a risk that under the means of interception Germany means the supply to Ukraine of mobile anti-aircraft missile systems with a range of up to 40 kilometers. This may turn out to be more serious weapons than the Buk air defense systems available to Ukraine.

In all likelihood, the issue of transferring lethal weapons to Ukraine will be discussed today, as part of a meeting of representatives of NATO countries at the German military airbase Ramstein, as previously reported by the resource. Moreover, it is also planned to discuss the issue of transferring tactical missile weapons and anti-ship missile systems to Ukraine.