Germany announced the transfer of 6 Sea King Mk41 military helicopters to Ukraine

German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius announced his country's intention to transfer Sea King Mk41 military helicopters to Ukraine. This step is significant as it is the first time that Berlin has supplied military helicopters to Kyiv.

Pistorius emphasized that the Sea King is a proven and reliable type of helicopter that can help the Ukrainian side in various areas, including reconnaissance over the Black Sea and transporting soldiers. This is not only the first such delivery from Germany, but also a significant strengthening of military-technical cooperation between the countries.

“Sea King is a proven and reliable helicopter that will help Ukrainians in many areas: from reconnaissance over the Black Sea to transporting soldiers. This is the first German delivery of this kind.”, said Pistorius.

According to a statement by the head of the German defense department, Ukraine will receive six multi-purpose Sea King Mk41 helicopters from the Bundeswehr reserves, as well as additional equipment and sets of spare parts. In addition, training is provided for Ukrainian pilots to operate this equipment.

Sea King Mk41 helicopters have been used by the German Navy since the 1970s, primarily to transport soldiers and supplies. They have undergone many modernizations and re-equipment. Recently, these vehicles have been most often used for rescue operations at sea. Now, in light of the gradual abandonment of these helicopters and the transition to more modern models, Germany has decided to transfer them to Ukraine.


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