Germany stops military mission in Mali after Russian instructors show up

The German military stops military missions in Mali.

This happened against the backdrop of the recent arrival of Russian military instructors on the territory of this African state. As it became known, German military aircraft and helicopters were even banned from entering the airspace of an African country, and therefore Berlin cannot rotate forces in the region.

Until recently, Mali did not have the means of air defense, as a result of which the countries participating in the peacekeeping mission did not heed the legitimate demands of the authorities. However, given the current situation, there are serious concerns that the military from Mali could simply shoot down planes and helicopters if the latter violate the country's airspace.

“Once again, the Malian authorities denied the UN Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali the right to overfly. Therefore, a planned change of personnel is impossible. This affects our commitments because the safety of our soldiers has the highest priority. [Mali Defense Minister Sadio] Kamara's actions do not match his words. Therefore, we must take action and suspend the operations of our reconnaissance forces and the flights of transport helicopters such as CH-53 until further notice.", - reports the head of the Ministry of Defense of Germany, Christine Lambrecht.

The withdrawal of the German military, which continues to remain in Mali, is likely to be carried out through neighboring states, while experts note that Russian military instructors in Mali have already trained the Malian military enough to avoid the need to involve foreign military contingents in the fight with jihadists and rebel groups.