Germany donates 500 AT2 missiles to Ukraine for Himars, MLRS and MARS II MLRS

Germany transferred 500 AT2 missiles to Ukraine.

Special missiles developed by Germany specifically for the Himars, MLRS and MARS II MLRS are designed for large-scale minelaying of anti-tank barriers at distances of several tens of kilometers. Thanks to remote mining of the territory, the Armed Forces of Ukraine may try to cut off certain areas in the Kherson, Donetsk, Zaporozhye and Lugansk regions from the reserve forces and, probably, organize an offensive.

It is known that the AT2 missiles were transferred to Ukraine by the German side along with the delivery of two additional MLRS MARS II and 50 armored vehicles, which became known earlier. Each such missile is capable of flying at a distance of 38 kilometers and simultaneously deploying up to 28 AT-2 anti-tank mines.

In fact, given the number of missiles put into service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Ukrainian military can lay 14000 anti-tank mines, and given that each such mine is capable of hitting targets at long distances, such weapons definitely represent a significant danger.

It is noteworthy that the AT2 mines are positioned as anti-tank only according to the documents, since the sensors of the mine are also capable of responding to the approach of a person.


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