Hero of Russia Lieutenant Colonel Dmitry Lissitzky committed suicide

Hero of Russia Dmitry Lissitzky shot himself in his own apartment.

Dmitry Lissitzky commanded the 1st Air Assault Battalion of the 247th Special Cossack Air Assault Regiment and participated, according to Ukraine, in the organization of the Ilovaisk pocket in 2014. It was originally intended. that the cause of the death of the Hero of Russia could be a murder against the backdrop of revenge just for participating in the SVO and organizing the Ilovaisk cauldron in 2014. However, according to Russian journalists, Lissitzky committed suicide in his own apartment.

“Hero of Russia Lieutenant Colonel Dmitry Lissitzky committed suicide. The body of Dmitry Lissitzky with a gunshot wound was found at about 10 am on March 26 in his apartment in Stavropol on Serov Street. On the same day, Ukrainian media reported that the lieutenant colonel was killed by the Armed Forces of Ukraine - as revenge for participating in the organization of the Ilovaisk cauldron in 2014., - the journalists of "Base" report.

There are no official statements on this matter yet, however, sources confirm Lissitzky's death from a gunshot wound.

Earlier, there was information that Lissitzky could have come into conflict regarding the current conduct of a special operation, but no details are given or commented on in this regard.


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