The collapse of the seaplane


Hydroplane ten people crashed into a bridge in Shanghai

In Shanghai, five people were killed in the collision of the aircraft with the bridge.

The Cessna seaplane 208 performed its first flight, while on board the aircraft were ten people - two crew members and passengers 8. Immediately arrived at the scene of the crash rescuers managed to find four survivors, and now they are in the intensive care unit of a local hospital. Among other things, the rescuers managed to find and also five of the tragic victims of the crash, however, to date still remains unknown fate of another person, is considered behzvesti missing.

Experts working on the site of the crash that occurred trying to establish all the circumstances of the crash, while, according to the news agency, the pilot of the aircraft most likely lost control, and, seen version of a technical fault of the aircraft, however, the final results of the investigation will most likely released later.


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