Zircon hypersonic missile to be tested at maximum range next week

The maximum range tests of the Russian Zircon hypersonic missile will take place next week.

Against the background of the completion of tests of the newest Russian hypersonic missile "Zircon", it became known that at the end of this month the missile will be tested with a launch at the maximum range of 1 kilometers, while the missile will have to hit some ground target.

As follows from the information provided by the Voenno-boltovoy Telegram channel, the Russian military has closed for flights an extended airspace with a range of 1 kilometers, which may indicate preparation for test launches of the Zircon missile, which tests were scheduled for this time period. At the moment, there are some doubts that we are really talking about testing the Zircon rocket, however, given that the maximum height of the enclosed space is 1,5 kilometers, and the rocket, apparently, will be accompanied by two MiG fighters. 31, the probability that Zircon is being tested is very high.

A little earlier it became known that the United States protested against the background of tests of the Russian Zircon hypersonic missile, noting that testing of these weapons is a destructive factor, however, in all likelihood, such a statement was caused by the lack of the United States' means of protection against Russian hypersonic weapons.

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