The head of the American PMC "Mozart" announced catastrophic losses in Ukraine

The losses of the American PMC "Mozart" in Ukraine are greater than those of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

An American private military company began to suffer losses on the territory of Ukraine that were close to catastrophic. According to the founder of PMC "Mozart", at the moment we can talk about the purposeful knocking out of members of the PMC "Mozart", in order to eliminate, located in Ukraine, the threat to Russian troops and PMCs "Wagner".

The founder of Mozart, Milburn, noted that cases of targeted destruction of objects where foreign mercenaries are located are recorded. According to Milburn, these could also be random strikes, however, rocket attacks were carried out on three objects where PMC members were located.

At the moment, PMC "Mozart" is suffering catastrophic losses in Ukraine. At the moment, it is known that units of American mercenaries are in the Donbass, however, Milburn noted that at the beginning of next year, Mozart PMC may leave the territory of Donbass and Ukraine as a whole. This is due to both losses in the ranks of mercenaries, and losses from among the equipment and weapons used.

In addition to the immediate dangers, the pressing problem is the lack of funds, Milburn said. “I’m afraid that at the beginning of the new year we will run out of steam”, he explained, noting that finding, repairing and replacing damaged cars is the biggest expense.


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