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The head of the DPR announced an official request for assistance from Russia due to the attack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The head of the DPR announced an official request for help from Russia because of the Kiev attack.

The self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic announced that it intends to request assistance due to an attack by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. According to Denis Pushilin, the Donetsk People's Republic intends to use its right to request assistance "based on the norms of international law." Judging by the fact that Russia is the only ally of the self-proclaimed republics, Donetsk will turn to Moscow for help.

“We will make a decision based on an assessment of the level of Kiev's armed aggression. In particular, we reserve the right to ask for help based on the norms of international law. Ukraine is a very unpredictable neighbor in terms of the degree of destructiveness, to which it can go even in relation to the interests of the state, ”said the head of the DPR Denis Pushilin.

Experts draw attention to the fact that Russia will not refuse to provide military assistance to the DPR, however, given the fact that the self-proclaimed republics of Donbass remain unrecognized, Ukraine can also turn to NATO, and the introduction of Russian peacekeepers into Donbass will clearly be illegal, since Russia in fact, it also did not recognize the independence of the DPR and LPR.

It should be noted that to date Russia has not received any inquiries from the DPR.

рф уже предусмотрительно отвела войска...

Russia officially recognizes that Donbass is the territory of Ukraine. The introduction of troops into its territory will be an act of aggression with all the consequences. The fact that people with Russian citizenship live there does not mean anything. We have many where they live, but this is not a reason to send troops there. If he wants help, let him hold a referendum on secession from Ukraine and declaration of independence. To send troops somewhere, there must be an interstate agreement on mutual assistance signed and ratified by both parties. Without him, it's a gamble.

Donbass is no longer Ukrainian for a long time, after the Nazis came to power in Ukraine ... Maidan put everything in its place.

And your Zelensky, who is his name? ...

To our great regret, the appeal of the head of the DPR to the Russian leadership for help will not be able to take any action on the part of Russia. Since the Head of the DPR, by the standards of international relations, is no one to call him, since the territory he heads is not recognized by any country in the world.

It is Stalin, Khrushchev or Brezhnev who have long shown "Kuska's mother" and Donbas and Kharkov and Odessa were Russian, and the current government thinks more about "partners" than about the ordinary Russian people, it drives troops around the country with taxpayers' money, it is not clear why.

They ripped straight from the lips!

I believe that the DPR must first officially announce its secession from Ukraine. Declare independence. After that, you can ask for help from Russia. In the meantime, Donbass is part of Ukraine. DPR assistance will be viewed as an attack on Ukraine.

Our people in the country themselves are dying of hunger, you must first help yourself, and then help others to try

and you probably find it easier to watch how the Russians are dying.

God forbid Russia to get into this showdown!

Marina, don't teach people how to write, the main idea and content of what is written. Learn to respect, not insult. Also learn to read between the lines of what is written. This is the thought and essence.

Many breathed a sigh of relief. Donbas had to be defended for a long time. Peaceful people are dying. It’s a shame for such a powerful country that doesn’t accept anything while protecting the citizens of Russia. No matter how embarrassing it’s like with Yugoslavia with its brothers thrown against NATO

Learn Russian first. So many grammatical mistakes !!!

Russia does nothing but help everyone who asks for help, for example, Syria, and you have a tongue without bones!

So what's the deal? to recognize Donbass, especially since Kiev is clearly not fulfilling Minsk. Ultimatum to Ukraine: either follow it soon or recognize the LPR and DPR. anyway it won't get any worse

It has long been necessary for Russia to take this conflict under control and not give America the helm. And here we must not assume the possibility of asking for help from Russia, but urgently do it.

And why not who does not consider the moment that the RF Armed Forces reaches Lviv, taking Paltava, Dnepropetrovsk, Kiev on the way. And a new president appears in Ukraine. Who will declare that the presence of NATO on the territory of Ukraine is illegal.

for some reason, everyone keeps quiet about the presence of Russian citizens, if at least one Russian citizen suffers, there will be every reason for interference to enforce peace, there will be a lot of whining, but no one will bother, remember Georgia.

this time without the downed helicopters.

Russia not when, not to whom it does not help only is able to hurt. Let the LPR and DPR not count on help from Russia, not on any, on military equipment, all the more so in general. Count on yourself. It is a pity, but what can you do, as the French say (Selyavi), such is life.

Recognition of what? There is recognition of the interests of the LDNR. Their recognition by the state is not. As far as I know, neither side is asking for this recognition. LDNR asks for the RF. RF asks for Minsk. Ukraine asks for a bone from the owner and launders money in the conflict to enrich the elites. What's not clear?

What kind of official request can we talk about if there is no official recognition of the DPR by Russia?

What was the cause? The Russian Federation officially recognizes the DPR and LPR and immediately introduces peacekeepers.

This is called "peace enforcement". according to the Norman format.