The head of the Turkish defense industry criticized the Russian S-400 air defense systems

Turkey criticized the Russian S-400 air defense systems.

The head of the Turkish defense industry, Izmail Demir, said that the Turkish military cannot fully trust the Russian S-400 Triumph anti-aircraft missile systems, stressing the need to use other weapons to ensure the security of the borders of Turkish airspace. The statement from a rather influential person in Turkey came against the background of the likely conclusion of a contract between Moscow and Ankara for the supply of these complexes. At the same time, apparently, Turkey does not trust the Triumphs against the background of the fact that this weapon has not yet been thoroughly studied by the Turkish military, although at the same time, Demir himself declared the need to create an analogue of Russian complexes.

“We do not leave it to the discretion of the S-400. The capabilities of the S-400 are few. Many S-400 systems are required. By itself, the S-400 air defense system cannot be trusted. For the future of Turkey, we need air defense systems at both low and medium altitudes, as well as at high altitudes. At this stage, a lot of work falls on SİPER "- said the head of the defense industry in Turkey.

Remarkable is the fact that Demir's statement came after Erdogan and Putin negotiated just about concluding a new contract for the supply of Russian S-400s to Turkey, as well as against the backdrop of difficult relations between Turkey and Russia in northwestern Syria.

“Such unfounded criticism from Turkey raises many questions. Obviously, this is another political decision of Ankara, since criticism will raise doubts about the effectiveness of Russian weapons, while Turkey, having built analogues of the S-400, will be able to occupy this niche and supply most of NATO countries and its own allies outside the military bloc with its weapons. ", - emphasizes the analyst

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