Fighter F-35


The head of the Pentagon could not restrain himself and called the American F-35 a piece ******

The head of the US Department of Defense spoke out harshly about the F-35 fighter.

Despite the fact that the United States considers the fifth generation fighter to be a source of pride, the acting head of the British Department of Defense spoke out rather harshly about the American combat aircraft, calling it "a piece of ******". The corresponding phrase sounded during a conversation with reporters, when Miller relayed a conversation with one of the US Air Force officers.

“I can't wait to leave this position, trust me. Yesterday we talked with some guy, some lieutenant colonel or colonel, and asked: "What are you flying on?" He answered "the F-35." I called the plane a piece of d **** a ... and he was like that ... and he laughed and I said, "No, seriously, tell me about this," and he was ... a guy from F-16, F-35, he said ... "incredible plane" I am not ... I ... this is an investment, for ... that ability that we should never use "well, we should hold back, blah blah blah blah ... fifth generation? I think it's fun, you know right now that we need to invest in the sixth generation. "- said Miller in an interview with reporters.

Judging by Miller's story, F-35 fighters are also not popular in the ranks of the United States, and therefore, the earlier arguments made by Pentagon representatives that this combat aircraft is superior to all existing combat vehicles today is nothing more than propaganda.