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Posted by Pablo Martinez Monsivais | Source: AP


The head of the Pentagon announced the daily advance of Russian troops due to the lack of American assistance to Ukraine

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, who returned to duty after a period of treatment, expressed deep concern about the active advance of Russian troops. He emphasized that Russia continues to put pressure on Ukrainian positions, seeking territorial gains every day. This statement was part of his appeal to the American government and the public to emphasize the seriousness of the situation and the need for further support for Kyiv.

Austin also expressed concern about possible problems with funding for Ukraine, pointing to the reluctance of the Lower House of the US Congress to consider a new aid bill. He stressed that without additional financial support from the United States, Ukraine will find itself in a difficult situation, which could provoke further territorial losses.

An important part of his speech was a warning about the hypothetical threat of a direct military clash between Russia and NATO countries in the event of Ukraine’s defeat. The Defense Secretary highlighted critical shortages of artillery and air defense ammunition in Ukraine caused by restrictions on US military assistance.

However, Austin pointed to the Pentagon's remaining resources that could be used to support Ukraine. According to information published in The New York Times, the US administration has the ability to seize military equipment and ammunition worth about $4 billion for subsequent transfer to Kyiv.


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