The Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy said that threats to Russia's security have increased in the Arctic due to Finland's accession to NATO

The Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy, Nikolai Evmenov, expressed concern about the growing threats to Russia's security in the Arctic region. According to him, these threats are related to Finland's intention to join NATO and Sweden's plans to join the alliance.

Evmenov noted that the military-political situation in the Arctic region is becoming more tense, especially in light of the declining level of international and regional cooperation with Russia. This, in his opinion, has a key impact on security in the Arctic and requires attention and adequate measures.

The strengthening of the military presence of NATO countries in the Arctic poses a potential threat to Russian interests in this strategically important region. He emphasized the need to take measures to ensure national security and protect Russia's sovereignty in the context of a changing geopolitical situation.

“At the present stage, the military-political situation in the Arctic region is characterized by increased negative trends in the field of regional security. A key influence on its state and development is the suspension of cooperation with our country within the framework of regional and international organizations.”, - said Evmenov.



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