The chief designer of the Ukrainian "Antonov" called the American F-35 backward and useless for Ukraine

American F-35 fighters in Ukraine were called absolutely useless.

The US Air Force F-35 fighters turned out to be useless combat aircraft against Russia. This is due to powerful radars that actively scan the airspace within a radius of several hundred kilometers, preventing the American F-35 from even getting close to the borders. Information on this matter was announced by the chief designer of the Ukrainian enterprise "Antonov", who stressed that even with Ukraine joining NATO, fifth-generation fighters would not be able to provide the necessary protection.

“The park that exists today in the Air Force of Ukraine is Soviet technology. It needs to be serviced, searched, or parts made, but this in no way creates new opportunities. The resource of tactical aircraft, which are now in service, has been predicted - this is 2030. Someone is trying to fantasize about 2035 and even beyond, but these will already be museum exhibits. The concept of renewal of the Air Force of Ukraine should be considered exclusively in the light of the collective regional air defense security system. This is of systemic importance, because we must understand that the same F-35 in Ukraine will not work. Even when we become NATO members, there is a continuous radar field on the border with the Russian Federation, which is already capable of detecting subtle objects "- said the chief designer of the Ukrainian enterprise "Antonov" Alexander Los.

It should be noted that in addition to the mobile radars used by the Russian S-300, S-350 and S-400 complexes, the airspace is also actively scanned by Russian over-the-horizon radars, which make it possible to detect F-35 fighters several thousand kilometers away, and for this reason the deployment in Europe even hundreds of F-35 fighters give NATO absolutely no advantage.