Oleg Belokonev


The head of the General Staff of Belarus, because of the intentions to conduct exercises with NATO at the borders of Russia, was dismissed

The head of the General Staff of Belarus, after a statement on the exercises with NATO, was dismissed.

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko fired the head of the General Staff of the Ministry of Defense of Belarus after the latter announced Minsk’s intention to conduct military exercises with the North Atlantic Alliance near the borders of Russia.

A few days ago, the Head of the General Staff of Belarus announced that Minsk had negotiations with representatives of the North Atlantic Alliance on joint exercises to be held in close proximity to Russia's borders.

“Belarus is ready for joint exercises with NATO, even negotiations are underway on possible formats”- said Oleg Belokonev.

What specific format of military exercises may be discussed is not yet known, however, experts believe that this could be another provocation directed against Russia.

According to the Belarusian media, Oleg Belokonev no longer occupies the post of head of the General Staff of the Ministry of Defense of Belarus, however, it is known that he was sent by a deputy to the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus, while experts do not exclude that Belokonev’s statement should have become a signal for Russia, however, this, obviously, will only worsen relations between the two countries.

This is the simplicity of the chairman of the farm Sashka already sickened, a signal for Russia ..... maybe send him a signal ???

What are you talking about with what outback of Russia are you even in Belarus you weren’t less read the yellow press The chief of staff head was chosen as a deputy in parliament left the army

Prince Lukash simply does not control the situation in which he played too much, they like him eat Yanukovych and do not choke, and we will be tearfully beg to help him, but it will be too late

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Dear, do not believe this. It was in 90's, and now the law is a prison for it. We treat everyone well, and there are enough freaks for everyone. As you do not understand, Russia will be rich and you will live well, there will be Russia and you will be eaten.

What year are you living in now, in 90's, apparently? I live in the outback of Russia, I go to megacities regularly, no rockers, no punks, no skinheads, everything is in the past, even aliks are not visible.

And, also removed from the approval of Lukashenko? Where is the logic, silly?

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The bitter experience of Gaddafi, Hussein, Mubarek and Yanukovych does not teach anyone. Old Man decided to step on the same rake.

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Belarus has been cultivated for a long time by the West, surprisingly ours either do not see it or do not want to see it.

guys otkela vestimo ..? ..or again, the 5 convoy begins to poison Russians with Belarus .. like with Ukraine .. watched how the media voiced on the talk show .. I think it was necessary to keep silent eloquently .. just show the original in the news .. but not discuss any non-red etc. .. type amnuel ..

Guys let's be friends! It’s not easy for Russia now - the situation in Ukraine, sanctions, WADA, the gas flow ... All US puppets want complete isolation of Russia, like Cuba. Those who do not care who he is, the main material well-being, has long made their choice. At this difficult moment, and a friend is being tested in trouble, it's time for us to decide! To everyone who cares about Russia, our history, it is time to defend it!

Such "warriors" must not be dismissed, but shot for treason! It is not known what other secret information he leaked to NATO ......!

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Something no one writes about the parades SOLDIERS of the USSR and Germany on the territory of the USSR before the Second World War !!! There was an exchange of engineers !!! But one way !!! Our fools showed them everything and they are all nonsense !!!

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Great-power chauvinism begins with this. We are the coolest of all, we are the best. Hitler also began with this.

Without the approval of Lukashenko, he would never have said that. Old Man continues to "play" ...

What nonsense. When did Stalin practice friendship with Hitler? Do you call friendship a non-attack treaty? So such agreements were signed at Hitler with many countries, with Poland for example, and much earlier than with the USSR.

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something interesting is happening in the CIS. but what, the media is still silent. If there is an economic battle with the Russian Federation, then this is normal, but if what is written is the first call, anyway the Russian Federation took some measures, but what kind of question It remains open that I did not notice such attacks from Kazakhstan. But the border is Seven thousand km from the Russian Federation and many mixed marriages, but Belarus, it sells bananas grown in it in Russia, then tangerines. But overseas fish (figuratively) then oil to Ukraine, I don’t understand what’s going on with the Slavic World, like little children, but they can be put in a corner And then .chto !!! question and quite huge, etc. ..

I think that this is a bluff. Which provoked EVERYTHING. That is, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is still silent, or is still silent, but the General Staff develops operations only with the permission of the Commander-in-Chief, and this is what it says ..

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If he were a sergeant, he would be fired outright, but as a junior lieutenant he was sent as a deputy to the office of representatives.

I always regret the President of the Republic of Belarus, because his policy is not simple (where is the anal and where did he still not shout)

President Lukashenko well done, I fully support him

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before you write something, you need to think and the statement of the politician is not a statement of the people and he wasn’t removed or dismissed by law in 2’s positions

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First, you need to figure out who gave him the authority
negotiate with NATO on joint exercises.

I totally agree with you.

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He decided to make friends with NATO, as once Stalin practiced with Hitler

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and he also has a surname: Belokonev * (and real name?) But Dima Medvedev * (lawyer without practice and 1-slave. prime-minister) - real name: Aaron Mendel (Armenian chid)

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