The head physician of the hospital in Kommunarka spoke about the problems with coronavirus that are not appearing anywhere in the world

The chief doctor of the hospital in Kommunarka spoke about unforeseen circumstances with coronavirus in Russia.

Contrary to allegations that coronavirus infection in Russia is beginning to decline, the head physician of a hospital in the village of Kommunarka unexpectedly announced a serious turn with this dangerous infection, which could lead to big problems.

“The head doctor of the hospital in the Moscow village of Kommunarka, Denis Protsenko, spoke about the non-standard course of coronavirus in Russia. The film RT “The fight against coronavirus in Russia. Kommunarka and Denis Protsenko ”about the work of doctors in the hospital published on YouTube. “When we scored the first pool of patients and began to analyze, our jaw dropped,” the doctor shared. He confirmed that the age of those admitted to the hospital was often lower than predicted. The fact that among the new infected with coronavirus in Moscow there are many young people was reported in March. Of the 197 cases of infection recorded at that time, 152 people were between the ages of 18 and 65 ”- сообщает "".

Taking into account the information presented, it is likely that the age of people for whom the virus poses a danger may be significantly lower than what the doctors expected, and this, in turn, can lead to more intense infection and faster spread of the infection.

The current situation with coronavirus in Russia still remains very difficult, in particular, with the current statistics of registered infected people, already at the end of this week the number of cases can exceed 10 thousand people.