Perm Airport


A naked man "met a friend" at the Perm airport

In Perm airport detained a naked man.

According to the news, despite the rather cold autumn weather, the man, whose identity is currently set, is near the airport complex in a completely nude, and, apparently, many passengers Perm airport it is not confused.

Subsequently, a naked man was detained by police officers, and, according to unconfirmed data at the moment, the man explained his behavior by saying that he had met his acquaintance near the airport, who was supposed to arrive by flight from Moscow. The police took the naked man and took him to the police station, where an administrative report was drawn up and a fine was issued for the offender.

It is necessary to clarify that for the current year is not the first such case - before administrative law violation has been noted in respect of at least two residents of Perm.


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