Air traffic with Crimea


Far East city will connect with the Crimea by direct flights

April 7. Starting in the summer, citizens of the Russian Federation living in the Far East will be able to make direct, non-stop flights to Crimea.

According to the statement of the Minister of Transport of Russia, direct air communication between the cities of the Far East and the Crimean Peninsula may determine future prospects for the transportation of not only various types of goods, but also passengers traveling from one region of the country to another. However, if direct flights are introduced, then this will happen no earlier than June of this year, and at the moment, the profitability of such flights is being assessed.

At the moment, it is known that if the government approves air communication, first of all, one can expect that the Crimean Peninsula will be connected with cities such as Khabarovsk and Yakutsk, but in addition, a number of other large cities of Russia in the Far East districts.


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