Burn like matches: Syrian air defense shot down six Turkish drones. Video

In a few hours, the Turkish army lost 60% of drones over Syria.

Turkey’s active use of attack and reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicles against the Syrian army led to opposition from official Damascus. In just a few hours, Syrian air defense systems destroyed six Turkish drones out of ten used by the Turkish army in the sky over Idlib, Hama and Aleppo.

At the disposal of the resource was a video recording that captured the moment of the destruction of the Turkish Anka-S unmanned aerial vehicle, which was mistakenly mistaken by the terrorists for the downed Russian Orion attack drone. After that, for only 3-4 hours, all the drones of the Turkish Air Force, deepening 5 kilometers into the Syrian territory, began to be hit either from anti-aircraft installations, or with the use of air defense systems.

Data on this subject was confirmed not only by representatives of the Syrian Defense Ministry, but also by the Turkish media, although the Turkish military department so far prefers not to make official statements.

Among other things, sources report that the Syrian air defense systems also tried to bring down two Turkish F-16 fighter jets, however, due to their long range, they could not be hit (the aircraft quickly went into Turkish airspace - approx. Ed.).

It should be clarified that today is the first major loss of the Turkish Air Force in Syria.