Humanitarian aid USA


The US State Department denied the delivery of Russian humanitarian aid - it was a purchase

US humanitarian aid to the United States turned out to be an American procurement.

Despite the fact that Russia called the delivery to the United States of medical masks, mechanical ventilation apparatuses and other medical equipment humanitarian aid, the US State Department denied such information, saying that in fact, deliveries were carried out under a paid contract.

“In continuation of the telephone conversation between Trump and Putin, the United States agreed to purchase the necessary medical equipment from Russia, including mechanical ventilation devices and personal protective equipment”- it is said on the official website of the US State Department.

In other words, Washington categorically denies Russia's delivery of humanitarian aid to New York, stressing that payment was made for medical equipment and masks. The amount is not specified, however, given the crisis shortage of masks and medical equipment in the United States, we can talk about a multi-million dollar amount.

It should be clarified that earlier it became known about the shortage of mechanical ventilation in the Russian regions, in particular, it was reported that for the needs of Russian medical institutions, about 9 thousand ventilation devices are lacking, which against the background of supplies of medical equipment to the United States caused a lot of condemnation from Russian citizens and representatives of regions where there is a serious increase in the number of patients with COVID-19.

You probably didn’t read it that way. This is not help but a bargain.

Citizens, don’t whip a dog, but climb with concerns, you still advise how to do airplanes, how to champion chess. Lord, everyone is climbing into the judges. get enough sleep.

Does our government have at least some conscience? how embarrassing they are to do some kind of help when they themselves have nothing. Why it is necessary to save some Italians, Americans, Serbs, you never know who asks for help, why are we so kind to others, and nothing needs to be done for our people , we will tolerate and do without everything, let ours perish, saving others who will not see us.

Well, yes, and the Russians are without masks, without gloves and paracetamol in pharmacies ..

The State Department paid only half of our goods sent at the request of Trump in the United States. The second half is a clear humanitarian aid for America. It was paid by the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF). This was reported by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova.