The coup in the USA! Trump was placed in a bunker, fighters were spotted above the White House. Video

Trump hid in a bunker amid riots in the United States.

An attempt by US protesters to storm the White House resulted in the fact that the President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, was forcibly placed in a special fortified bunker, which should provide protection for the head of state. A similar decision was made after calls to seize the White House and several attempts by protesters to enter the territory of the specially protected facility.

Donald Trump himself has not yet commented on his finding a special asylum, however, the situation in the United States is already called an attempted coup because of accusations against Trump that it was from his parcel that no measures were taken to resolve the situation with the investigation into the death George Floyd.

A very serious deterioration of the situation in the United States is also indicated by the fact that after several attempts by the protesters to storm the White House, fighters were seen in the sky, in addition to attack helicopters and drones, although the purpose of the appearance of the latter is still unknown.

Despite the fact that troops and even armored vehicles were brought into the largest US cities, the situation is getting out of control very quickly, as the radicals use not only firearms, but also Molotov cocktails, setting fire to police cars and special equipment.

US authorities refuse to somehow assess the current situation on the streets of major cities, however, experts believe that a state of emergency will be declared within the next few hours throughout the country

The United States has never lived as badly as under President Putin ...

oh well .... it's all the machinations of Russia ... satisfied with the American dream they couldn’t go for such a thing ...