Transaero Airlines


The state is ready to provide "Transaero" with any necessary assistance

The government intends to give airlines "Transaero"The necessary support.

Information about this was voiced by the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Arkady Dvorkovich, at the same time, as the Deputy Prime Minister himself stressed, in the near future, if necessary, the air carrier can count on financial assistance from the state.

Experts believe that the interest in maintaining the normal operation of the Russian air carrier "Transaero" is mainly due to the fact that at the moment it is not only one of the largest aviation operators in Russia, but also an airline that in less than half a year of working in crisis conditions for all domestic aviation , Was able not only to establish an effective provision of passenger services, but also to increase its main indicators, in particular, the volume of passenger traffic and profit.

According to the information available from the news agency, at the moment Transaero continues to optimize its operating conditions and is expanding the route network.


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