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The state will allocate to domestic aircraft manufacturers 250 million rubles of subsidies

Russian aircraft manufacturers receive from the state subsidies 250 mln. Rubles.

According to the data received by the news agency, subsidies will be provided to domestic aircraft manufacturers, which ensure the production of new domestic passenger airliners, in particular, we are talking about SJS-100 и MS-21. The corresponding decision has already been signed by Dmitry Medvedev, who noted that earlier provision of such subsidies was stipulated in the government and laid as one of the articles of the budget of 2015.

According to experts, such financial support from the state allows to cover a significant part of the costs of domestic aircraft manufacturers, in particular, related to the production and storage of spare parts, training of personnel and advanced training of workers, etc.

In general, subsidies can be provided to any aircraft manufacturing enterprise that is working on the production of new aircraft, which is the main condition.


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