Sale of aircraft


SE "Antonov" the beginning of the realization of their aircraft to foreign partners

Ukrainian state-owned enterprise "Antonov" intends to sell two aircraft AN-158 Cuban airline, and one plane An-148 Korean

Representatives «Cubana de Aviacion» Cuban airlines have already arrived at the "Antonov" GP to take two new aircraft An-158Which will complement the existing fleet of aircraft. Also today, also due to arrive, and one more representative of the Korean company, which was previously interested in the acquisition of aircraft An-148.

The sum of transactions at the moment is not announced, but it is expected that in reality it would be somewhat understated in order to motivate the partners from other countries.

"Antonov" aircraft supplies hildren contract rossyskoy leasing company "Ilyushin Finance", rather than on their own and about any decrease in prices of speech does not go. But their contracts as from the beginning of the program in the year 2006, or not.