Demonstration air show


The grand air show in Novosibirsk took place despite the bad weather

The largest air show of the country is held in Novosibirsk.

At the Novosibirsk-2015 air show, viewers will be able to see more than 80 aircraft and helicopters, while the organizers of the program on the eve announced that, despite the fact that the weather will make its own adjustments, the air show will still take place. Opening of the airflight took place today at 9 in the morning of local time, at the same time, if initially the audience was not so much as was supposed, then already literally in 1.5 hours, wishing to see the flights of air equipment was enough to be able to state that the air show Has taken place.

During the program of performances, according to data received by, viewers will be able to see demonstration flights of Mi-8 and Mi-24, Aircraft Su-27 и Su-34, Flights of paragliders and trikes, etc.

Festival "Novosibirsk-2015» is an annual air show, which has always enjoyed great popularity among the audience because of its grandeur.


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