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US citizens were detained at a secret city facility where the Caliber, Zircon and Poseidon nuclear torpedoes are located

American citizens were detained while trying to get to the secret facilities of Severodvinsk.

According to the information at the disposal of the information and news agency, a few hours ago, U.S. citizens were detained, who, on an announced visit to Arkhangelsk, went to Severodvinsk for unknown reasons.

“At the railway station in Severodvinsk, three employees of the US Embassy in Russia were identified who did not provide the necessary documents for their stay in this city”, - said in the media.

It is reported that three employees of the American embassy did warn about their visit, however, it concerned Arkhangelsk exclusively, and therefore the question of how exactly the American employees could get lost for several tens of kilometers raises a lot of questions.

It is noteworthy that two of the detainees are military attache Dann and naval attache Curtis, who might well have tried to spy on Russian military facilities, since Russian submarines, including Caliber and Zircon cruise missiles, are located on the territory of Severodvinsk. ", As well as the Poseidon nuclear torpedo, however, much more remarkable is the fact that in the coming days in the area it was planned to launch some missiles.

Comme quoi vos systèmes de sécurité et d'identification posent vraiment problème quand à leur efficacité. Sans compter que les 3 personnes us que vous avez arrêtés sont peut être des leurres et que d'autres sont dans la place .... au travail. C'est comme les rats, quand on en aperçoit un, on peut être sur qu'il y en a d'autres ....