An Italian citizen blew up a freight train in the Ryazan region

34-year-old Ruslan Sidiki, suspected of blowing up a freight train in the Ryazan region, was detained at Vnukovo airport. Sidiki, who has Italian and Russian citizenship, was detained at the end of November.

On November 11, at the Rybnoye – Blockpost 204 km station section, 19 freight train cars were derailed as a result of the railway track being blown up. The explosion left a crater measuring 2,5x3 meters, and about 300 meters of the railway track were damaged. Fragments of an explosive device and part of a camera attached to a tree, which was used to monitor the train and subsequently self-destruct, were found at the scene.

According to the investigation, Sidiki was recruited by Ukrainian intelligence in February 2023 and underwent sabotage training in Latvia. In March he returned to the Ryazan region. Sidiki is also suspected of involvement in a drone attack on the Dyagilevo military airfield in Ryazan.

A criminal case has been opened against Sidiki under articles of terrorism and illegal possession of explosives or explosive devices.


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