Kaunas Airport


Lithuanian citizen brawled on the plane and was bitten by the border guards

43-year-old citizen of Lithuania arranged on board passenger aircraft brawl and was bitten by the border guards at the airport.

According to information from the Avia.pro information resource, the conflict situation aboard the passenger airliner took place last Friday, at the same time, initially, due to the extremely large amount of alcohol taken, the woman arranged a real brawl aboard the airliner - she talked loudly, sang Songs, used obscene language and refused to obey the legitimate requirements of the crew of the aircraft. Upon arrival in Kaunas, the woman refused to leave the aircraft at all, citing the fact that her flight was not over yet, and therefore she had to use force.

However, on this inappropriate behavior Lithuanian citizen was finished - at border control, the woman began to resent the slow work of the Border Service, and received comment, and in another moment, burdened by such behavior airport service, woman and does bitten border guards, as a consequence, to the place of the offense the police were called, which brought the citizen to the department for preparation of the report.


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