Greece may sell 75 thousand artillery ammunition to Ukraine

According to the Greek publication Ekathimerini, the United States has asked Greece to purchase 75 thousand artillery shells for Ukraine. Europe and the United States do not have enough production capacity to supply Ukraine with the required number of artillery shells, and the EU's promise to supply Kiev with a million 155mm shells by the spring of 2024 cannot be fulfilled due to industrial limitations.

The Pentagon began looking for artillery ammunition from the allies, and Greece became the first destination. According to Ekathimerini sources, the United States is offering Greece $47 million for 50 thousand 105 mm shells, 20 thousand 155 mm shells and 5 thousand 203 mm shells from the Greek army's reserves. The deal has not yet been concluded, and the parties are continuing discussions. The shells are expected to be taken from Greek stockpiles, which could speed up the delivery process if an agreement is reached.


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