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Greece may arm with Russian ball missile systems to tame Erdogan's fleet

The Turkish fleet operating in Greek waters could receive a serious slap in the face from Russian coastal missile systems.

Against the background of extreme outrage in Greece regarding the fact that Turkish warships are violating the country's territorial borders, Athens may acquire a batch of Russian coastal missile systems "Bal", capable of providing 100% protection of Greek waters from unauthorized visits.

According to Greek analysts, neither the EU nor NATO wants to respond to the problems posed by Turkey, in this connection, Athens may well follow the path of cooperation in this matter with Russia, acquiring its coastal missile systems. One of such complexes is the Bal ballistic missile complex, which has enough capabilities to not only scare off the Turkish fleet from the Greek borders, but also to destroy almost any Turkish warship in service with the Turkish Navy.

According to Greek analysts, if more than one ally of Athens does not want to react to Erdogan's actions, then Russian weapons will pacify him - if this works in Libya, then Greece will certainly be able to put Turkey in its place.

On the other hand, today Greece is not conducting any negotiations with Russia on this matter, although earlier Greek politicians called for Russia to be involved in this issue.