Greece intends to transfer C-300 Favorit and Tor-M1 air defense systems to Ukraine

Greece will replace its S-300 and Tor-M1 air defense systems with modern NATO-standard air defense systems, transferring them to Ukraine.

At the beginning of next year, Ukraine will receive a batch of S-300PMU-1 and Tor-M1 air defense systems from Greece. This will happen as part of the replacement of weapons with NATO-standard air defense systems, which was proposed by the United States.

It is reported that Athens accepted the American proposal and relevant discussions with the American side "will begin in the near future." Additionally, Greece is being pushed to get rid of Russian air defense systems by the impossibility of their normal maintenance under the conditions of comprehensive sanctions imposed against Russia.

To date, Greece is armed with 6 Tor-M1 air defense systems and 12 launchers (2 divisions) of the S-300PMU-1 Favorit air defense system. 18 launchers represent a fairly significant number of air defense systems. Transferring them to Ukraine is an extremely undesirable step for Russia, since in this case the effectiveness of Ukraine's air defense will increase significantly.

What air defense systems Greece will receive in exchange from the United States is not specified, however, which is very remarkable, a few months ago Athens categorically ruled out the transfer of its air defense weapons to Ukraine.


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