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Greece intends to close the passage of Russian ships in the Mediterranean and Black Seas

They decided to lock up the Russian fleet in the Black and Mediterranean Seas.

Russian warships and submarines can close the passage from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean Sea - this issue is being actively discussed by the American and Greek parties, while taking into account Fort Russ data, Washington and Athens managed to reach some agreements that would create serious problems for the Russian fleet , which will be factually squeezed in the Black Sea.

“The Trump administration last week took the first major step in creating a NATO-led corridor oriented towards Greece after the US ambassador to Greece, Jeffrey R. Payette, announced that his country intends to acquire the strategic port of Alexandroupolis. The port of Alexandroupolis is of particular importance for US policy, not only in the Balkans, but especially in Russia. The port is also important for transportation, as it is strategically located near the Turkish-controlled Dardanelles, which connect the Aegean / Mediterranean Sea with the Black Sea and, therefore, with Russia. With the acquisition of this port, NATO and US forces can be in the Balkans in just a few hours and can easily stop Russia's trade with the world through the Black Sea, blocking the Dardanelles ”- reports edition.

In fact, having gained control of the port, US warships can block the passage of Russian warships on the way from the Mediterranean to the Black Sea and vice versa, which creates certain risks for the Russian military base in Syria.

Got game. It was necessary to cooperate earlier with Greece, meaning the strategic position of its ports ...

Now, when we have fully embraced the defense of the country, we can, as has been announced, increase money in medicine, science, education and social programs. Read documents and do not listen to liberals

The feeding of the oligarchy and the decaying government was before Syria. That is, this situation has nothing to do with the feeding list.

Of course, medicine will not bother you.

"You don’t need a Turkish coast ...." Money spent on the war in Syria and Ukraine is needed in RUSSIAN MEDICINE. Shamestones feed Sechin, Miller, Vickserlberg, Roldugin and with them and dump the whole country on the treatment of children in Germany and Israel. We have Russia, but we do not have a state. The state is created for the citizens of the country. And here the demons of the Kremlin have created a feeding trough for themselves

... and we can repeat Chernobyl ...

It is necessary to take revenge until the last breath, but after the atomic bombing, Japan is friends with the USA, after the terrible WWII, we sell gas to the Germans through pipes, after all the attacks on the Russian Federation from the USA, we deliver their astronauts to the ISS, we sell rocket engines .... probably it is necessary to take revenge on the Swedes for Poltava, the Germans for Lake Peipsi, the French for Napoleon, who must only take revenge for thousands of years, you don’t remember everyone at once! Everything is normal with your head, you are our avenger!

"The Arab world dreams of a gas pipeline directly to Europe, and Russia is defending its interests, and you will excuse the complete idiot not understanding or not wanting to understand this! Such as you call subindos!
Yes, you're an idiot. 60% ter. Central Russia is not gasified, and you are fighting for gas supplies to Europe. Such as you call enemies of the people.

Russia will be adequate in the world, but only when it is not corrupt. All Putin’s foreign policy is adapted to the sale of raw materials and energy. The Turks shot down our plane, killed the pilot, and shot the Ambassador. But the money doesn’t smell. We are the pipe to the Turks! There are no words from betrayal.

The Arab world is in the same contention as the former republics of the USSR! And just as they are fighting with each other, like all separated! And there is no agreement between them both on religious and political lines ... Only the dumb one does not understand this

strange statements about Syria, who laughs? what is the arab world? Do you have any idea why, starting from the USSR, ending with current events, Russia is fighting for the ATS? The Arab world dreams of a gas pipeline directly to Europe, and Russia is defending its interests, and you will excuse me as a complete idiot without understanding or not wanting to understand this! Such as you call podpindosniki!

I fully support you.

As you are right, the fact that the Arab world is laughing, surprised and cannot understand the behavior of Russia in Syria is already used to it! And where are our "adequate mirror-like" answers to America, London for the "newcomer", Israel, Turkey and much more.

Speak correctly Victor Rusakov. In the end, will Russia be adequate on the world stage or not? When will the incomprehensible flirting with obvious enemies end, which can do nothing but harm? The Russian people will always support (as an answer to Chamberlain) firm measures by the government.

And how will they block the exit from the Aegean Sea located in the territorial waters of Turkey from a distance of 95 km? Coastal artillery? Or a very long fence?
With the same success, you can "block" the ship in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.


look at your government and ask yourself the question - who sold it when and for how much.

let's reinforce Turkey once again, let them defeat Christian Greece, and then she will throw Russia again, and using our Christian civil war will break everyone in turn, So this goes on throughout his story, but Christians can’t learn at all,

The fact is that such actions can be carried out by a strong INDEPENDENT GOVERNMENT. but WRITTEN EVERYTHING AS IN SOPLES got tangled up in CONNECTIONS WITH FOREIGN AFFAIRS AND CHILDREN AND MONEY AND HOUSING. Having dual-triple citizenship, they NEVER GO AGAINST AMERICOS. IMPORTANT OUR WELL-BEING, we do not exist for them, everything is being led to the Maidan in order to erase everyone into powder.

God bless your words!

Let’s lower it below the skirting board - they’ll fix it quickly !!!

One may raise the question of the legitimacy of the islands in the Aegean Sea of ​​Greece. Turkey will be pleased with this "interrogation."

Well, for example, in the territory of TURKEY is full of military facilities of the USA and NATO, but this, for some reason, does not prevent you from going to them on vacation and buying their things?

And the Greeks have always been prone to prostitution ...

The Grecoids also decide their selfish questions according to such a scenario ... so you shouldn’t be foolish about twinning at all ... they Grecoids have long sold out as street trawls a la americans, so we draw conclusions ...

Well, if Russia overlaps the same thing next to the amers, then what? Will they fire or will they put mines at the Dardanelles? How will they not miss? Then maybe our planes will all fire in Europe and in the Baltic Sea? And why not immediately start a war, which is so small?

who pays and dances


No long-term hydrocarbon contracts with anyone !!!

If the EU and the US consider Russia a PETROL - please give them a real PETROL: - came to the HUB - paid for the volume - Russia pressed a button and filled the tank! No payment - no gas and oil! They will think and pay ahead of time ... If they boycott, we will reduce the price per unit of raw materials! - We’ll tie it to a gas station - it’s not going anywhere: neither Europe, nor China, nor the USA! If from 1985 of the year we were ruined by a boycott, dropping the price of oil and gas, this time we will ruin the entire World hydrocarbon complex!

But, for this it is necessary to expropriate the entire hydrocarbon industry of Russia, so that all world hydrocarbon production and its processing becomes unprofitable for CAPITALISM! It is time to go on the offensive on all fronts, through the Program for the Effectively-Progressive Development of the Great Millennium of Rus-Rus!

So, at the ROS-UKR-WHITE borders, we set RUSSIAN hydrocarbon hubs and trade in Russian, not Jewish!

But, Ukrainians must affirmatively say so that they write on their foreheads: “We will sign any agreement with anyone, even with the devil, but not with you, Georgia, Bulgaria, Poland, the Baltic states and with all your herd of barking European lapdog on RUSSIAN BEAR! " And, OFFICIALLY announcing the freezing for 25 years - a whole generation - of all diplomatic contacts with them and the suspension for 25 years of all the signed treaties of Russia with them - with all those who pierced once in hostile statements against Great Russia!


Greece, if it only bends under the United States, the Russian Federation recognizes the Turkish part of Cyprus and helps the Turks staked out there, and it’s unlikely that the Russian Federation will be so easy to accept that its ships will be banned from passing ..

And why do we need Greece and its waters, even if they close it, you can swim along the coast of Turkey, and then to the Mediterranean Sea and Syria, or wherever you need.)

a couple of times they will run into an adequate solution to the issue, lose a couple of their pelvis and everything will be as before.

Here they are - the "brothers" of the grekes!