C-400 Greece


Greece wanted to buy Russian C-400 to protect against Turkey

Greece does not exclude the purchase of Russian C-400 due to Turkish aggression.

Aggressive actions of Turkey against Greece made this country think about the possibility of buying Russian S-400 air defense systems. This is the second member of the North Atlantic Alliance, which may consider buying Russian weapons to protect its airspace, which promises NATO serious troubles.

As one of the local publicists, Nikolaos Xenakis, notes that against the backdrop of the fact that NATO members do not respond to the threat to Greek sovereignty from Turkey, Athens should think about at least considering the possibility of acquiring Russian C-400 systems that can ensure the safety of airspace countries from the flights of Turkish fighters.

“Unlike Turkey, there is no threat from Russia. If Turkey threatens us, then why not buy C-400 if these systems ensure the safety of our citizens? Certainly, the Greek economy is not in the best position, but this is one of the options ”- said in a Xenakis publication.

It should be clarified that Greece expresses serious fears that Turkey, armed with Russian C-400, will become even more aggressive, while neither the EU nor NATO are trying to resolve the existing tension.

It should be clarified that Greece is not officially considering the acquisition of Russian C-400, in any case, no negotiations are being conducted on this subject.