Turkish combat aircraft


Greeks burned the Turkish flag, protesting against the attack of the Russian bomber

Inhabitants of Athens supported Russia and burned Turkish and American flags on the square.

According to polls conducted by local media, most of the protesters believe that the Turkish government intends to destroy the Su-24 military front-line bomber in an attempt to exacerbate the situation between NATO and Russia. In addition, the Turkish President refused to apologize for the downed Russian plane, which indicates the fact of cynicism in this matter, moreover, almost immediately after that, Erdogan noted that the downed Russian plane should not be the reason for economic and political disagreements.

Avia.pro news agency notes that on November 24, a Turkish F-16 fighter destroyed a Russian Su-24 bomber, while the command of the Turkish Defense Ministry noted that the plane violated the country's airspace, and after several warnings, the Turkish fighter pilot was forced to open fire to defeat, although given the data from the radars, if there was a violation of the airspace, then the Russian plane spent no more than 15 seconds in Turkey.