Commander of the Polish Armed Forces


Threatening Russia, the commander of the Polish armed forces was infected with the coronavirus COVID-19

The Commander-in-Chief of the Polish Armed Forces became infected with the coronavirus COVID-19.

Commander of the Polish Armed Forces, General Yaroslav Miki, who threatened Russia with an increase in military force eastward, was infected with the coronavirus COVID-19. The Polish Ministry of Defense officially confirmed the infection of the general, noting that this happened during the visit of the Polish military delegation to Germany.

“After returning from a military meeting in Germany, General Mickey confirmed that he had a coronavirus infection. The persons accompanying the general were isolated. The commander is fine. Emergency procedures have been worked out and actions have been taken to minimize the risk of the spread of the coronavirus, ” - said in the Twitter account of the Ministry of Defense of Poland.

Given the incident, NATO’s large-scale military exercises may be disrupted, but the Polish side has not yet officially commented on data regarding a possible cancellation of the upcoming military exercises.

Experts note that due to the dangerous situation with the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19, a number of member countries of the North Atlantic Alliance may refuse to conduct exercises, as there is an even greater risk of infection spread as part of the maneuvers.

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