Airline Grozny Avia


"Grozny Avia" - base air carrier of Simferopol

April 24. Grozny Avia became the base carrier of Simferopol.

According to the official report, the company "Grozny Avia"In the very near future will open flights from Simferopol to such regional centers as Kursk, Kazan, Belgorod, Grozny, etc. It is reported that the air carrier will be in charge of its flights to 3 once a week, but it will be able to work exclusively until 31 October, after which, until spring there will be a break.

It is reported that since the airline was subsidized by the state, the cost of air travel in the future can be significantly reduced, but now, to fly from Simferopol to Rostov-on-Don Can only be for 3400 rubles.


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