Ansar Allah threatens to destroy the world's largest skyscraper - Burj Khalifa

The rebels of the Yemeni group "Ansar Allah" announced an attack on the largest skyscraper in the world.

Members of a Yemeni rebel group have announced an imminent attack on the largest skyscraper in the world, promising to destroy an entire elite region in the UAE. The Houthis officially called on the residents of the elite area to evacuate, however, it is obvious that after the recent successful attack on the UAE, this is not a bluff at all, but the most likely target of the Yemeni rebels. The Burj Khalifa skyscraper is by far the tallest building in the world.

“The threat of an attack on the Burj Khalifa. The Yemeni Ansar Allah is calling on residents in Dubai's Burj Khalifa area to leave the area immediately. Ansar Allah posted an animation threatening the UAE on social media, - reports the "Telegram" channel "Pars Today Russian".

On the published video frames, you can see how the drone launches a cruise missile at a skyscraper, which does not exclude just such an attack scenario.

Today, the Ansar Allah group may be armed with about thirty ballistic missiles and several dozen kamikaze drones, which are quite capable of destroying not only a skyscraper, but an entire residential area.

The Houthis have previously proven that their threats are far from empty and attacks should be expected in the near future.

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