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The North group managed to unite two bridgeheads in the Kharkov region - Russian attack aircraft are already in Volchansk

There are reports that units of the North group of troops were able to unite two bridgeheads in the Kharkov region. The Ukrainian General Staff confirmed this information, noting that the “change of positions” in the area of ​​​​the village of Lukyantsy was carried out in connection with intense enemy air strikes, during which 10 adjustable air bombs (KABs) were used, however, we are actually talking about a retreat.

The official statement of the Ukrainian General Staff also mentions the situation in the Liptsovsky direction, where the Russian army drove Ukrainian forces out of the village of Lukyantsy. The command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine also described this event as a “change of positions.”

In addition, it was noted that Russian troops actively use aerial bombs with universal planning and correction modules (UMPC), which significantly increases their accuracy and destructive power. These strikes allowed the Russian army to advance, forcing Ukrainian forces to retreat.

It is also reported that Russian Armed Forces infantry have already been spotted on the outskirts of Volchansk, a city in the Kharkov region. This indicates further advances by Russian troops and possible plans to take key population centers in the region.


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