Georgia, Azerbaijan and Turkey surrounded thousands of Russian military in Armenia

Georgia, Azerbaijan and Turkey are closing their air and sea space to Russia.

The Russian military, who found themselves on the territory of Armenia, were surrounded and could not leave the territory of the country due to the fact that Georgia, Azerbaijan, and at the moment, Turkey, prohibited Russian aircraft from entering their airspace, and, according to so far unconfirmed reports, the territorial waters of these states were also closed.

These countries probably made their decision to close the borders for Russian aircraft against the backdrop of a large-scale military conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan, which will limit Russia's assistance even if Armenia turns to the CSTO for help. Moreover, the Russian military on the territory of Armenia also found themselves locked in the territory of a neighboring state, which in the context of real military operations could pose a threat to the lives of Russian servicemen and a threat to the security of Russian military installations on the territory of Armenia.

At the moment, the situation is extremely aggravated, in particular, it is reported that Armenia has significant losses in air defense means, while Azerbaijan, according to the Armenian Ministry of Defense, lost about 30 tanks, 4 military helicopters and many drones.

At the moment, Azerbaijani forces are actively advancing, knocking out the Armenian army from the previously occupied regions.