Helicopter Mi-8 Syria


Kharchenko confirmed shelling by the Turkish side of a Russian military helicopter in Syria, but denied its destruction

Russian journalists in Syria have confirmed Turkey's attack on a Russian military helicopter.

Russian military journalist Alexander Kharchenko, who is currently present in Syria, confirmed earlier reports of an attack on a Russian military helicopter by Turkey. According to Alexander Kharchenko, there was indeed a shelling, but no one was hurt. The combat vehicle managed to successfully dodge a rocket attack, however, at the same time, information regarding the shelling of the second Russian military helicopter is not provided. At the same time, according to a Russian military journalist, the shelling was probably not carried out by the Turkish army, but by militants, while according to the Syrian media, the rockets were fired from the Turkish border, and probably from the territory of Turkey itself.

In his statement, Kharchenko denied previously reported information that one of the helicopters was downed.

“The Russian Aerospace Forces did not lose a helicopter in Syria. All flew safely to the base. Was there a shelling? Was. The militants are on their nerves, so they "smack" at everything that flies. Don't worry, they will still be held accountable for their deeds. "- said the Russian military journalist.

On According to published by the North Press Agency, two Russian military helicopters defended the settlement of Al-Dardara, which was fired upon by the Turkish military from self-propelled artillery units. After the intervention of the Russian military, the helicopters of the Russian Aerospace Forces were attacked.


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