Attack on Alchevsk


Hymers demolished half of a multi-storey building in Alchevsk with one blow

Ukrainian "Himers" with one blow during the day half of a multi-storey building in Alchevsk.

After the Ukrainian military used the Hymers MLRS to hit targets in the territory of Alchevsk, it became known that the consequences of just one accurate hit are critical even for a reinforced concrete building. One of the rockets that hit him demolished several ceilings, bringing down the corner of a multi-storey building, causing enormous damage to it.

At the moment, it is known that the blow was struck at the dormitory of the Industrial College in Alchevsk. On video footage taken from a drone, you can see that the building is actually missing a whole corner. This testifies to the colossal destructive power of such missiles, which, for obvious reasons, cannot be underestimated.

To date, the Ukrainian army is actively using MLRS HIMARS for striking various objects. At the same time, only two types of missiles are actively used - M30 and M31, which are the most long-range missiles in service with the Ukrainian army.


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