Hezbollah launches rocket attacks on Israel

The Lebanese group Hezbollah carried out a series of rocket attacks on Israeli territory, targeting strongholds and Israeli military bases. Hezbollah's press service reported this incident on its resources, emphasizing that the strikes were aimed at Israeli military facilities, including barracks and a radar station.

Arab and Lebanese information resources report numerous casualties among Israeli military personnel and the destruction of military facilities in Israel. Separately mentioned was a strike on an Israeli radar station located in the disputed Shebaa Farms area, with claims of “numerous” killed and wounded.

However, the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) command categorically rejected information about casualties and destruction caused by Hezbollah missile attacks. Hezbollah said in a statement that its fighters struck an Israeli radar station on Shabaa Heights with a direct hit.

In response to these actions, Israel intensified military operations: it launched attack drones that attacked Hezbollah mobile missile launchers, and Israeli helicopters carried out raids deep into Lebanese territory, attacking Hezbollah bases.


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