Hezbollah destroyed Israel's Iron Dome with guided missiles

Israeli media have confirmed that an attack by the Lebanese Islamic Resistance on a military site at Beit Hill in the Upper Galilee resulted in 11 injuries to IDF personnel. The attack was carried out using guided missiles. Al-Mayadeen TV channel provides data on this matter.

Israeli TV channel "Kan" commented on the attack on the Beit Hill base, noting it? as an exceptional event due to the remoteness of the settlement from the border with Lebanon. In addition, it is reported that the Lebanese Islamic resistance has previously attacked the Beit Hill military base with 122 mm. missiles, in response to the death of two of its employees, journalists of the Al-Mayadeen TV channel Farha Omr and Rabia Maamari.

According to an Al-Mayadeen correspondent, the Beit Hill military base includes the Iron Dome system and is located next to the Kiryat Shmona airport. What is noteworthy is that sources report the destruction of the complex itself, confirming the fact that at least the radar of this Israeli missile defense system was destroyed.


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