Hezbollah carried out 9 operations against the Israeli army in one day

The Islamic Resistance in Lebanon, represented by the Hezbollah group, has made a series of military statements about the conduct of nine operations against the bases, installations and locations of the Israeli occupation army on the Lebanese-Palestinian border, in the eastern and western sectors. These actions were aimed at supporting the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip and their resistance.

In the eastern sector, Hezbollah reported an attack on the General Miskaw facility using special weapons. A radar in the occupied Lebanese Shebaa Farms was also attacked, with a direct hit confirmed on the target.

In addition, the Ruwaisat al-Alam site in the Kfar Shuba hills, the occupied Lebanese Shebaa Farms and the Al-Abad site were attacked with appropriate weapons, and the latter was also directly hit.

In the western sector, Hezbollah announced attacks on the Khirbet Maar camp, the site of the monk, and the Metat barracks, located opposite the city of Rmeish in the south of the country. The group has claimed responsibility for the attack and says it was successful using the appropriate weapons.


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