Development fighter T-50


A good mine a bad game or the development of fighter T-50

Good mine at bad game

or the development of fighter T-50



Good mine a bad game - it can be called the initiative of the Federal Service for Military-Technical construction (FSMTC) offer Brazilian joint development of multipurpose fighter T-50, after being lost the tender for the purchase of Brazilian 36-five fighters for the National Air Force worth 4 billion.

Recall that in this tender Su-35 production AKB "Dry" I didn’t even get to the final selection stage, which eventually won the Swedish JAS-39 Gripen-NG... Now, on the eve of the air show in Chile, the Russian side is trying to switch attention to another fighter, saying nice words about the cooperation of the designers of the two countries, but it is obvious that this is still the same attempt to engage in armament of the Brazilian Air Force, undertaken from the other side.



T-50 is almost ready to enter the production lines here from the Brazilian side in the first place to finance all those same contracts for service. T-50 has a number of advantages over its counterparts from Boeing, for example, the best aerodynamics that make it possible to look more spectacular in aviation exhibitions, but with regard to the functionality of the EU, there are a number of drawbacks: there is no flight range necessary for aircraft of this class, difficulties in accessing supersonic mode (To quickly get to the goal and, if possible, "disappear" after the task is completed) and lose to the American counterparts in terms of "invisibility", which again is important for fighters.


"T-50 is almost ready to go

on the production lines here from the Brazilian side

primarily need finance. "


This is a really nice plane, which has prospects in the military industry, but it is very much will depend on managerial and marketing developments, on the part which our aviators traditionally inferior competitors. Especially, there are serious doubts that the Brazilians after signing the contract for the production of 36-five fighters from the Swedes will need more aircraft soon. It is rather a job for the future, a desire not to lose the competition, when the Brazilian government will have a desire to "buckle up" next time, but not an action that can bring a momentary income.


Development fighter T-50


Of course, much will depend on the success of cooperation FSTVTS with the Indian Air Force in the production of the same T-50, which will become part of a complex tactical aviation (PAK FA) - India is the largest importer of military equipment in the world rather rigidly put a condition on a parity basis are not only financing, but also the participation of engineering and design staff in the design of the complex, which is due to the desire of India to increase the intellectual and technical potential of the military sector.



If everything goes without a hitch in the project with India, there is no doubt that the chances of signing a similar agreement with Brazil will increase, but so far the South American arms market, our designers are in the role of catch-up, which is certainly due to a number of strategic blunders of past years - for example, the inability to work with the Brazilians on the part of the production of aircraft for civil aviation, where the competition is much larger gains.

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