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Croatia threatens to withdraw its military from NATO in case of conflict between Russia and Ukraine

Croatia refused to take part in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

The President of Croatia announced that the country would immediately withdraw its forces from NATO forces in the region if an armed conflict broke out between Russia and Ukraine. Thus, the Croatian leader voiced his position on the country's possible participation in NATO forces in the region.

According to the President of Croatia, the country is extremely uninterested in an armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine, where the North Atlantic Alliance also plans to intervene. At the moment, there are significant Croatian forces in the region, although the purpose of the presence of the latter remains unknown. Moreover, the Croatian leader probably also stressed that in the event of war, Croatia would not provide NATO with its military bases and facilities.

NATO has not yet commented on the statement of the President of Croatia, however, the situation indicates that not all Western countries intend to confront Russia over the situation in the eastern part of Ukraine.

At the moment, tensions along the Russian borders are intensifying. At the same time, despite the arguments of the United States and NATO that the escalation suits Russia, the West has already begun deploying its significant forces, as well as offensive weapons near Russian borders, while the US President intends to send them to Eastern Europe, allegedly to stabilize the situation, the American army of 50 thousand people, at least two fighter squadrons and warships.

NATO is "unified" as never before.

This is a turn, but a "law-acceptable" coup d'état will soon happen ...

Croatian leader voiced HIS position
In Croatia, the president is a wedding general
It is a parliamentary republic and is commanded by a prime minister

The President has already been condemned by the Croatian Parliament ...... and relations between Croatia and Russia are very strained.

And big losses?

OK it's all over Now. The end of NATO without Croatian superarmadas. And if Macedonia also doesn’t want to fight, we can finally pass the day before the English Channel.

event that will change the course of history

Is the epiphany coming, well, if this were the beginning ...